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Volunteer Opportunities

Program Overview

The NPHY Volunteer Program is a unique and meaningful volunteer based program designed to help youth realize and achieve their dreams. This program promotes self-sufficiency, stronger independence and reduced isolation through on-going support. In achieving these goals, NPHY seeks to break the cycle of homelessness as well as delinquency from continuing in the lives of youth. This program will also provide a meaningful volunteer opportunity for people wanting to give back and make a difference in their community.

The overall purpose of the NPHY Volunteer Program is to provide education and prevention services to runaway, homeless, and street youth who have been subjected to, or are at risk, of sexual exploitation or abuse while also offering opportunities for dedicated people who are willing to donate their time to help us fulfill our mission of ending homelessness among Nevada's youth.

Feel Good Fridays

The goal of Feel Good Fridays, which will be held EVERY Friday, is to establish and build a trusting relationship between street youth and outreach staff by providing resources as needed in targeted areas. Outreach workers and volunteers will provide support services that will assist youth in moving and adjusting to a safe, and appropriate, alternative living arrangement in order to fulfill our mission to "eliminate homelessness among Nevada's youth."

There are two parts to the program. One is setting up a table where resources will be handed out. There, staff and volunteers will provide homemade goods while also handing out outreach packets consisting of toiletries, snack food items, water, lip balm, lotion, soap, shampoo, and any other basic need necessities. Each outreach packet will also have information about Safe Place, NPHY programs, and other community resources which might help end these youth's situations of homelessness. Personnel on hand will also be available to answer any questions youth might have about services available in the community.

The second part of the program will be to canvass the neighborhood about our event and other NPHY services. NPHY volunteers will hand out informational flyers to inform the community about services available and to let them know the NPHY outreach team will be there every Friday.

Feel Good Fridays will be held EVERY Friday of the month at the corner of Maryland Parkway and Reno, by the 7-11.

There is a mandatory training session that will be offered twice monthly. Training is at the William Fry Drop in Center located at 4981 Shirley St. Training starts at 5:30p and lasts approximately 1 hour. Please call 702.383.1332 for the next available Training date.

Below are the volunteer opportunities offered under Feel Good Fridays:

  • Participate in Feel Good Friday outreach events - By helping setup/clean up, handing out basic needs items, or circulating NPHY flyers throughout the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Bring homemade goods, such as cookies and/or lemonade and ice tea during the summer and soup and hot chocolate during the winter.

Life Skills

Every Friday at 5:00 p.m. NPHY hosts a one-hour class devoted to empowering and educating youth. Life Skills is a chance to teach our youth the skills they'll need to progress and move closer toward self-sufficiency. Classes could include anything from teaching personal budgeting, filling out job applications, building resumes to car maintenance and cooking skills. We are asking volunteers who are interested and qualified to teach specific subjects to please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for an approved list of Life Skills topics or to propose a potential topic. All Life Skills volunteers will required to pass a background check.
Life Skills Class List

Small Group Activities

Under this category small volunteer groups can help NPHY with a number of different small group projects and act as extra man power around the Safe Place Drop-In Center. Due to the size of our organization, there is much to be done and not enough time to do it. That is why we are calling on the community for help. Right now NPHY is looking for small groups to help in the following areas:

Bag Stuffing

Help staff and fellow volunteers create outreach packets for NPHY outreach events. Come prepared to help fill zip lock bags with NPHY information cards, snack food items, lotion, shampoo, soap, chap stick, and other basic necessities. Bag stuffing sessions will be held as needed at the William Fry Drop-In Center located at 4981 Shirley Street -across from Thomas and Mack- Las Vegas, NV 89119. If you can't make this time please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to make other arrangements.

Grandparents in the Audience

Many youth in our program lack a family support system. With someone in the stands to cheer for a winning touchdown or to give a hug after receiving their high school diploma could make a big difference in their life. With your help we can fulfill that role. Please join NPHY staff and fellow volunteers at sporting events, concerts, art shows or any other youth-centered activities to give these young people the support only a family can offer.
Events are seasonal and NPHY will send an email with dates to attend to everyone signed up through our email database. To be added to our mailing list, please enter your email address on the HOME page of our site.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above opportunities with NPHY please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@nphy.org or by phone at 702-383-1332.

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